C-WRAP Side entry repair sleeve is a side-entry sleeve designed to repair and seal a damaged wire jacket that is either chafed or has a radial crack or cut on the insulation. It consists of two pieces:
the outer tubing and an adhesive inner layer.


Operating temperature:

Meltable Adhesive

Insulation Sleeve:

-65 ⁰C to +150 ⁰C

Modified thermoplastic fluoroelastomer

Radiation cross-linked modified fluoropolymer


  • SAE AS81824 (fluid and sealing requirements)

  • TE Performance Specification: D-6201

  • TE Application Specification: RPIP-1101

  • TE Qualification Test Reports: ISTR-1134 and ISTR-1206


  • Used as a side-entry repair kit

  • Repair of nicks, chafed and radial cracks on the wire in most Aerospace, Defense and Marine applications

  • Prevents galvanic corrosion on center conductor

  • Ideal for use on insulations rated at 135˚C or higher with no damage to the wire

  • Parts are designed to provide an environment-resistant repair to damaged primary wire that has a radial crack up to 360°, nicks/scrapes not longer than 1/4” on insulations.

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